We still send small and large quantity kratom during the Corona pandemic. " We stay at work for you, You stay at home for your family ".

About Kratomnesia

We Don’t Work for Profit-Oriented Target – Providing Help and Maintaining Good Relationship with You are Our Priorities

Starting from December 2010, Kratomnesia has helped kratom consumers to fulfill their needs of fresh kratom. The founding father of Kratomnesia, Ridwan Arif first started to deliver kratom to help his fellow in the United States. His fellow believed that kratom could help him to recover his diseases at that time. After consuming kratom, his friend managed to recover and other friends asked Ridwan to help them get kratom products. From that moment, Ridwan started to engage farmers in his area to plant kratom, and the business continues to grow and it is now well-known as Kratomnesia.

The brand Kratomnesia comes from the word Kratom Indonesia, and it is expected that this business improves the welfare of Indonesian kratom farmers. It is such a pride to see our farmers become able to buy bicycles for their kids from farming kratom with Kratomnesia, which they could not afford before since it was difficult even to fulfill their needs for food.

The vision of Kratomnesia is to help Indonesian farmers to improve their economic welfare. We provide assistance for our farmers to produce high-quality agriculture products that can compete in the International market.

Our mutual hopes:

 You do not [only] buy kratom, but you provide supports for the development of medical Industries.
 You do not [only] buy kratom, but you also help decrease the addiction toward illegal drugs.
 You do not [only] buy kratom, but you also help educate the community about the benefits of our natural herb products.
 It is not [only] about selling and buying kratom, but it is about providing a platform that serves Secure Transactions and Shopping for all people who need premium quality natural kratom products.

Every day, fresh kratom is produced and ready to be delivered throughout the world.