About us


Kratomnesia is an online marketplace specialized in Kratom commodity which provides means of buying and selling Kratom products from Consumer to Consumer.
Anybody may open his/her own online stores in Kratomnesia and start their own Kratom business from the comfort of their home and time, serving customers from all over the world for either small or large amount transactions.


Kratomnesia's Vision:

We envision ourselves to become the Number 1 Online Marketplace in the world for herbal products.


Kratomnesia’s Missions:

  • To help support and develop the healthcare industry.

  • To reduce the number of dependence on drugs abuse.

  • To help educate the community about the benefits of natural herbs and products.

  • To help develop and improve the economy by creating platforms for creative entrepreneurs.

  • To provide a Secure, Fraud-Free Transaction Platform for everyone who needs an easy, safe, and reliable source of natural products.