Salmonella infections in 20 states due to use of Kratom

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has subjected a vulnerable recall against all the products that consist of kratom. In case you are new to this term, I would like to tell you that kratom is one of the tropical trees which are found in Southeast Asia. The leaf of this tree is used to heal thousands of pains. The low dosing of this leaf act as the stimulant and where else the high dosage act as the sedative. Therefore, the DEA has stated that its consumption can give rise to psychotic symptoms and even psychological condition.

Additional information about recall

Hence the FDA has a suggestion to all the customers out there i.e. throw all the products that have a recall. The recall was raised when the company failed in complying the agency demand for intended recall. This deed of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) was dependent upon the presence of several health issues due to contamination of product by means of salmonella.

Kratom is basically a plant found in Indonesia. The leaves of this specific plant are crushed traditionally and added to the tea for healing the pain and even reducing the opioid cravings. In the complete U.S. kratom is sold as the dietary supplement. It is available in various forms – powders, capsules, pills and even tea.

No confirmation of results

In the February month, the FDA felt like taking a step forward and presenting the statement that all the components of kratom which is acting like opioid states – there is not even a single proof which shows that use of it is effective and safe in medical concerns. However, the researchers have found there is some potential in the leaf of this plant which assists in treating the pain, though additional researchers are required.

In accordance to the joint investigation done by the FDA and US centers (specifically for controlling disease and prevention) claimed that the supplement available in the market is attached with the outbreak of around 87 cases which leased salmonella in around 35 states. The report of illness started to be visible back in October.

Symptoms of salmonella

The symptoms of salmonella are visible after 12 hours to 3 days, when the person has been infected. The infection can include – fever, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. The infection can be lasting for 4 to 7 days. The good part is that most of the sufferers get healed in the absence of medical treatment. Yet, the people who go through diarrhea are required to be admitted to the hospital. The community who are quite old, young or have a poor immune system is stated to be most at the risk and be a victim of the complications. 

Conduction of interview

The federal investigators of health did organize an interview, a total of 55 people was interviewed in it and 40 of them told that they consumed the kratom related supplements in the form of – pills, powder or tea before the beginning of symptoms. Hence the CDC continued to suggest avoiding the kratom of any brand and in any form till the investigators come to a result. The investigation even includes that from where the person bought kratom, in addition, to test the samples of supplement.

Methods to consuming kratom

The tradition use of kratom is done by plucking the leaves and crushing it for adding to the tea. However, there are several more ways to consume it – it can be chewed, ingested in the form of capsules and even smoked. The use of it is highly practiced in the U.S. and therefore the kratom is available in various forms i.e. pills, capsules, energy drink and much more. It is also famous with various terms like –

◈ Thang

◈ Kakuam

◈ Thom

◈ Kratom

◈ Biak

Who are more likely to be victim?

It is stated that it does not matter that in which form the kratom is available, it should not be consumed though and the reason behind this statement is – the foundation of salmonella contamination is not yet found. The people who are more likely to be the victim of salmonella victim includes –

◈ Old adults

◈ Young children

◈ People suffering from poor immune system

◈ Pregnant women

The person suffering from this infection has the symptoms which include fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Urgent warning for stopping consumption

The consumption and availability of the kratom have created a lot of controversies. Food and Drug Administration has increased a lot of warnings to urgently stop the consumption of this substance, the reason given by them to stop the use is – it acts as the opioid drug which can be a leading cause to major health issues.

However, the drug enforcement administration is still looking forward to establishing a strong restriction on the sale of this substance, currently, it is sold and purchased freely in the online stores.

Already affected 20 states

The kratom enthusiasts have to say that it is enjoyable and can be used recreationally. In addition to it – consuming it is quite helpful for treating pain. The kratom association oppose the statement on their website – “kratom is a drug.” It barely matters that what association have to say let’s get practical with this situation. A case study was conducted, and it proportionally stated that around 28 cases were found across 20 states in which the consumer was dealing with a salmonella infection. It is the only reason why FDA is recalling the products containing this substance. A proper research would be taken on this substance and in accordance with it the future decisions would be taken.

What to do if you want to use Kratom safely?

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Some words:

It is the complete information regarding why the use of kratom was prohibited and recalled as well. In case you are using the supplements of this substance then it is a personal advice to stay away from it and wait until the result of research.


Be wise enough while taking the decision, a wrong decision can lead you to be a victim of salmonella. We recommend you leave the kratom junk as it can damage your health. Also, be careful from the sellers who offer you affected products with cheap prices. Don’t play with your health. Come to and purchase kratom here.