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Some first-time kratom buyers expect to buy kratom bulk directly from countries where it grows. Some people might also think that international kratom shipping takes a long time. In fact, kratom wholesalers in USA and kratom consumers in the USA prefer purchasing kratom directly from where it grows even though the shipping might take some time.

EMS Pos Indonesia (USPS Agent in Indonesia) is the only delivery service that delivers kratom from Indonesia. EMS Pos Indonesia is the one and only delivery service that guarantees the security and safety of kratom shipping from Indonesia to the USA. The service provided by EMS/ USPS might have several strengths as well as weaknesses such as slow tracking system and longer shipping process. However, USPS is the only one that delivers kratom to you.

So Why Should We Buy Kratom Bulk?

Here are some benefits that you will get if you buy kratom bulk.

◈ The relatively longer delivery time prevents you from running out of kratom too immediately.

◈ You will save some money as you will get a special price for buying kratom in large quantities compared to retail purchase (more quantities, cheaper price).

◈ Having kratom supply in large quantity at your home allows you to share it with your colleagues, even you can sell your kratom from Kratomnesia. Feel free to consult with support team. You can sell your kratom at market price or even lower.

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Buy Kratom Bulk USA

Sample Case:

☞ If you buy 1 kilogram of kratom for $80 for your own consumption, you will spend your money only for personal kratom consumption. Moreover, it will take a long time for you to buy kratom again. You will run out of kratom immediately, while you will find it burdensome to wait for your next kratom order to be delivered. 

You Will Get Experience Different Story If You Buy Kratom Bulk

☞ You will feel less burden while waiting for kratom shipping process as you are not in hurry.

☞ If you buy kratom bulk 6 kilograms for $320, you save $160! You can sell your kratom for $98 to $150 per kilogram to your colleagues (Shipping cost of USPS Priority Mail 2-4 business days is only $7.53 per kilogram).

☞ You can make a profit of $160 from only $320. You can use your profit to buy kratom bulk for your own or for additional kratom supply. What if you buy 100 Kg kratoms from for only $33 per kilogram?. You can use the profit you earn from selling kratom to buy a house or a new car. You will get much from your side job as kratom sellers. (for further information about how to sell kratom, please kindly contact Kratomnesia Support team! It is our pleasure to help you.