Delivery Kratom by USPS

We would like to explain the delivery procedure of Kratom products from Indonesia to USA. For safety reasons, we prefer using USPS delivery service to deliver our Kratom to your country (USA). If the Tracking History on the USPS website happens to be slow or displays undetailed information compared to DHL or FedEx, please be patient as USPS is the only delivery service that delivers Kratom products to your country (USA). You should deal with it because all vendors in USA who will resell it or kratom importer also use this service.

These are the example explanations of USPS Tracking History on the website:


⚫  It takes several days for your package to be delivered by USPS Indonesia due to customs procedure in the country of origin (Indonesia). The customs procedure including queueing process, document checking/export permit, package checking until the package receives customs approval to be shipped outside the country of origin.

⚫  The customs process for Kratom commodity takes longer time compared to the customs process for other commodities such as clothes, bags, shoes, etc since the Kratom is included in the list of Restricted items (not all shipping services provides abroad shipping services for Kratom products).

⚫  As ruled by the customs clearance of Indonesia, the maximum quantity of Kratom products shipped to USA is 20 kilograms per package. Therefore, if you purchase more than 20 kilograms, we will separate your package into three packages with different tracking numbers.

For instances: If you buy 50 kilograms of Kratom, we will pack it into three different packages with three different tracking numbers. If you buy 1000 kilograms of Kratom, we put it into 50 different packages with 50 different tracking numbers and so on.