How to exchange your money with bitcoin using credit card

1. Click >> Download a Wallet bitcoin to pay your invoice and to get the chance to win prize draw, reward, cash back and bonus from Kratomnesia that will be transferred to your Wallet account. What are you waiting for? Go grab your bitcoin wallet and special prizes from us!

2. Please download the one that suits your device (it’s free, simple and no ID is required)

3. After Wallet Bitcoin is installed, click buy bitcoin to start exchanging your money with bitcoin according to your total shopping bills. Select Buy Bitcoin Core (BTC) with Credit Card

4. Input the total bills (make sure you choose USD currency). Enter your Bitcoin Core (BTC) address, then click continue

5. Follow the steps of payment using the credit card

6. Thank you for exchanging your money with Bitcoin, and now you have bitcoin in your Wallet. Now you are about to have your order in Kratomnesia completed.

7. Complete your order by paying your bills using bitcoin from your Wallet to the address shown in the column or you can scan the QR code in your wallet apps.

8. Congratulation! You have completed your order and your kratom will be immediately shipped to your address. Thank you for shopping kratom from Kratomnesia.