My Kratom Experience and My City

About the city of Manistee, Michigan where I live, and where my home kratom office is located. I moved to Manistee, Michigan about 8 years ago. Manistee is an old Victorian port city, that still takes certain shipping deliveries to this day! The population of Manistee is 6,220 last count! This is not a large town, but I would consider it a smaller quiet hometown. Manistee is situated on Lake Michigan, so there are quite a few chances to see the beautiful lake while visiting.

Kratom can be purchased through my home office at 266 2nd Ave, Manistee, MI 49660. ph: 231-887-7267. Kratom can also be purchased at Port City Organics located at 328 1st street, Manistee, MI 49660., ph: 231 398-3060, and at the Gold and Silver exchange located in downtown Manistee: 390 River Street, suite 101 Manistee, MI 49660. ph: 231 299 5363.

My personal experience with kratom has been very positive! I tried kratom about 7 months ago for my sciatica pain. I felt relief within 1/2 hour to 40 minutes! I was amazed and hooked! I have also experimented now, with different varieties. I really enjoy kratom, and it has made a huge difference in MY life, as well as the lives of my customers, who LOVE my kratom!

Line dancing can be enjoyed on any Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the V.F.W. here, for a modest fee of only $1.00, and a $10.00 yearly membership fee to the V.F.W. Karaoke can be enjoyed at the Moose Lodge on alternate Friday evenings starting at 8 p.m. located at 1010 Robinson Street. We also have a ladies pistol league here that I am an active member of. Our league meets in the spring and goes through the fall. We meet at the muzzleloaders club located at 3125 Camp Road, Manistee, MI 49660. We pay $5.00 a week (if there are 5 or more of us) to shoot 22 pistols at targets. It is a lot of fun, and we do it for our own improvement. We are not in competition with each other. The monies go toward a yearly dinner that we have, and we also walk in the July 4th parade and do other fun activities. We have at least three beautiful beach sites to enjoy here in the summer. One of them is home to our beautiful lighthouse, that has been newly painted, and looks great now! There are two draw bridges, sometimes, they have to be lifted, so that boats with high masts or ships with cargo to be unloaded can get through. This does not happen often. There are also many places to enjoy bike riding here, or just a stroll down the road, or to the beach. Many things here such as Meijer shopping center are walking or bicycle riding distance, and/or are 5 minutes away.

We have a nice Mexican restaurant which just opened here a few months ago, and they serve authentic Mexican food. We also have a Thai restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Big Al's pizza, Captain's quarters (where you can have a nice sit down breakfast), Little Ceasar's Pizza, House of Flavors, and a couple of other bar/restaurants. Family VIdeo is also here, and there are at least 3 gas stations in town and Manistee Inn Motel, and a Super 8 motel as well. I would consider Manistee, Mi to be more of a tourist town. We do get a lot of visitors here in the summer months, as there is a Forest Festival with a parade, in July. There is also a nice craft fair in a grassy park, that a lot of people enjoy, along with rides for the kiddo's, and vendor/craft tents to make purchases from.