Tips to create interesting product page

Providing interesting information related to your products is necessary. Engaging captions following catchy pictures of the products are important factors to get buyers interested in purchasing your products.

We have these tips to make the page in interesting.

1. Display real pictures of your product

 You may directly take pictures of kratom to be displayed in your page. Take the pictures from the best angle. (if you do not have any kratom picture yet, you may seek for professional help from our photographers to take the best pictures of your kratom).

2. Tittle

 Give the powerful title for your products followed by the name of your store. This allows your customers to easily find your products using the search feature on the page.

3. Short description

 You may add short information related to your products. Use communicative words and SEO friendly keywords.

4. Full description

 Give more detailed information about your products. You can explain the general information of the products, product benefits, side effect, and other details.

5. Price

 Offer the best price with shipping fee included as provides free-shipping fee for any purchase.

6. SEO Optimization

 To boost the performance of your page in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc, you need to apply effective SEO strategy that uplifts the rating of your page. (you can consult with our sales team to make your page better).

If those tips are properly done, you are ready to become professional kratom vendor and money will come to your account.
Happy selling!