Why Buy Kratom Should in Kratomnesia

Kratomnesia is a kratom specialty online marketplace dedicated specifically to research and development. We host multiple kratom vendors worldwide, and we offer a wide selection of premium quality, all-natural kratom products. We only offer the freshest and high-grade kratom strains that have passed our quality standard.

Our kratom is farmed and harvested by our best farmers who are hand-picked by our experts. Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree, native to South East Asia region which typically found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It naturally grows near the equator because this plant requires a lot of sunlight and fertile soil which rich in mineral and water to grow. This type of plant has been grown and used by local farmers and the natives of the region for hundreds of years. Traditionally, kratom is used to help in the treatment of various medical conditions. Our experts and farmers know kratom by heart and they strive to provide consistently high-quality kratom and other herbal resources to our customers.

Kratomnesia Vission

Kratomnesia’s vision is to make kratom available worldwide and want to spread its benefits for the improvement of the health sector around the world. We believe that kratom and other plant-based botanicals should be widely available at affordable prices. Not only supporting the scientific development and the research of kratom and its alkaloids for researcher globally, we also believe that these rare specimens should also be available for incense crafting artisan or botanical enthusiast alike. With more people joining the movement pioneering discoveries, and creating beneficial products from this natural herbal, we believe that it will only take much shorter time to bring out the true potential of this nature ancient gift in today’s world.

With a wide selection of kratom strains and various vendors globally, Kratomnesia may prove to be the best one-stop shopping solution for your kratom needs. Most of these strains are well-known strains such as Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Borneo, White Borneo, Green Bali, White Bali, Brown Kratom, Green Bentuangie, Yellow Bentuangie, Green Thay, White Thay, Green Malaysia, Green Cambodia and many others.

Kratomnesia is also one of the pioneers that offer fast local delivery. What it means is that your purchased item will be delivered from and to your city when a local vendor from Kratomnesia is available in the said city. This breakthrough will not only save a lot of delivery time and reduce the potential problems during the delivery process. If it is needed, or when you require so, Kratomnesia will also offer an International shipping delivery directly from South East Asia that will also be accompanied by a tracking system and trusted courier service. Kratomnesia will take care of the export and import processes for its customer and clients so that its clients won’t need to be bothered with all of the complicated processes.

100 % money guarantee and various insurance policies are the efforts from Kratomnesia to provide a reliable, trustworthy, and secure platform for its customers, so that they can search and buy kratom products or other plant-based botanicals comfortably without worry of online fraud. Plus, all products that are offered at Kratomnesia is guaranteed 100 % organic product. Customer and clients are also able to rate their shopping experience with us, their vendor professionalism, and their purchased items quality. All reviews done by our customers will be shown and easily read by all of the other members and visitors.

We are also proud of our 24/7 customer service that has been proved to be helpful for members and clients. Both our vendors and customer service will be ready to communicate with their customers and they will be more than happy to provide help or solution regarding your purchase or payment methods. Moreover, some vendors will gladly offer you discounts on their products or negotiation options for your order.


Therefore, we do not sell our products in any consumable forms, and anyone who asks for our products in these forms will be denied our services. If we find that anyone is reselling our products to be used for consumption purposes, we will revoke their rights to sell our products.

Kratomnesia.com and its customer support representatives are only able to advise on availability, price, weight, and shipping of what you would like to purchase and to answer questions regarding the actual ordering process.

Thank you for your understanding.