I do not know what Kratom is & how is it used ?

  • You can learn more about it in our Kratom Guide section, or you can join Kratomnesia Community to learn more about Kratom products and their use.

Is there a shipping warranty?

  • You have to check the legality of purchasing any Kratom product in your city (or area where you live).

Is there a quality guarantee of kratom?

  • Of course, there is, all the items labeled with "Premium Quality" have passed our quality sorting and laboratory test with great result. We guarantee that vendors with “Premium Quality” tag on their products have premium quality Kratom.

Are the sellers in Kratomnesia are trusted sellers?

  • We advise you to look at our vendor profiles, their rating, and feedback from other customers and preferably purchase products that have "QUALITY ASSURANCE" label. If you have any problems with any of our vendors, please let us know immediately.

Will I get a tracking number for my delivery order?

  • Yes, of course, not only that, we will also fully monitor your package distribution process. You will receive all of this notification via email. So, please keep in touch. Rest assured, we will always be ready to help you solve your delivery problems. You can focus your energy and time with your daily activities without needing to worry about your Kratom purchase.

What are the benefits of buying Kratom in Kratomnesia?

  • There are several benefits that you will gain by purchasing products from us. We offer cheaper/ competitive price and a wide variant of products, our products are always fresh and we have a faster delivery system, and we also offer premium quality products, and we guarantee that our business is free of fraud. You can write your product review and share your purchasing experience with every body else in the Kratomnesia Community.

What about payments?

  • Please contact the seller. Choose the payment method that you’dlike to use. You can send your proof of transaction to the seller through the chat feature that has been provided. And you can also negotiate directly with the seller through online chat feature.

Are selling and buying in Kratomnesia safe ?

  • We always provide the best service to the seller/buyer. And we always make sure to keep all of our client’s privacy from any third party. We make sure your privacy/security is well maintained.