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Premium Green Maeng Da Capsules. 

We ship this product from Riverview, Florida, United States. (Shipping regulation check description below)


- One ounce (56 capsules @ 500 mg)

- Four ounces (224 capsules @ 500 mg)

- Eight ounces (448 capsules @ 500 mg)

Green Maeng Da kratom is the result of horticultural grafting; a process by which different strains are crossbred to produce offspring with a target set of desirable traits. In this case, the goal was to produce a variety of kratom with a higher overall alkaloid content relative to other strains. In other words, the Maeng Da strain is generally stronger by weight than others, so less is needed. Along with the classically desired 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragyinine, Green Maeng Da capsules are also higher in other beneficial alkaloids:

◈ rhynchophylline – vasodilator, anti-hypertensive, anti-arrhythmic

◈ speciociliatine – partial opioid agonist

◈ mitraphylline – vasodilator, anti-hypertensive, anti-leukemic, muscle relaxer, possible immunostimulant

◈ isomitraphylline – immunostimulant

◈ 9-hydroxycorynantheidine – partial opioid agonist

◈ corynantheidine – mu-opioid agonist

◈ epicatechin – antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-leukemic, alpha-amylase inhibitor, potential cancer preventative, antiviral

Green Maeng Da capsules provide the perfect balance between relaxation and stimulation. The most distinct effect is usually an overall improved sense of well-being and contentment. This is a particularly popular strain among those who suffer from social anxiety.

We do not ship Kratom to the Sarasota County, San Diego County, Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and Vermont due to legislation which prohibits the sale of Mitragyna Speciosa

Shipment Origin Riverview, FL, United States


* Noted: We only sell & ship this product is intended exclusively for soap-making and aromatherapy purposes, not human consumption

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