Indonesian Herbs

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Indonesian Herbal is The Traditional Therapy

The Indonesian Natural environment is ripe with potentials. The Vast Landscape of 17,000 islands occupying more than six million square of international recognizes able exclusive economic zone, combined with unique formative conditions offer unparalleled breeding for one of the world's largest biologically diverse environments. It has been found that the Indonesian archipelago contains at least 30,000 species of medicinal plants.

Indonesians have been using this plentiful bounty of nature in their traditional customs for a variety of cures and physical maintenance. We have also been developing various physical maintenance regimens which have survived and are developing even more today.
The research and development of the Indonesian ministry of trade has prepared

The use of medicinal herbs for maintaining health also extends to other areas. Many human cultures across the world have also been utilizing natural ingredients for cosmetic and physical fitness maintenance regimens.

Natural herbs have been the source of medicinal cures long before recorded history. Resourceful ancient humans experimented with what nature has to offer to cure physical ailments.