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Kratom Sample Packs

This is the perfect package for beginners or New customers who want to try our kratom. Even for those of you who want to compare our products with kratom that you have now.

You need to know a lot of out there kratom sellers who have a variety of products. Our kratom products may not be the same as the ones you currently have. because each supplier has their own kratom ways and plants. Many factors can make it different. you will see many differences such as the color of the powder, the taste, and certainly the effect that is produced.

We always give the best kratom from our kratom leaves for you. We only sell Premium Kratom we don’t sell standard Kratom, Grade B or what ever it is. That’s why 99% of our customers say that our kratom is very satisfying.

You can try some of our best sellers :

- Red Vein - :

- Green Vein - :

- White Vein - :

- Brown Vein - :


Choose your favorite kratom with the size of the packaging you want. you can mention it at "Note to Seller" . 

"If you still feel confused, uncertain or there are things you want to ask please do not hesitate to chat me before order. we are ready to help you anytime" 


*Noted : We only sell & ship this products are intended exclusively for soap-making and aromatherapy purposes, not human consumption

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