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Privacy Policy

General Information:

  1. Kratomnesia as a business support platform is doing its best to provide various features and services to ensure the safety and comfort of its users.

  2. Kratomnesia only act as an intermediary between the Seller (business owner) and the Buyer (clients). Extra costs (including taxes and other charges) for any transactions incurred in kratomnesia are outside the authority and/or liability of Kratomnesia as an intermediary and will be administered by the parties concerned (either the Seller or the Buyer) in accordance with applicable rules and regulations in each country.

  3. 100% return policies only applies to items labeled "QUALITY ASSURANCE"

  4. The user is entitled to request an appeal if the goods received do not fit the descriptions of the purchased order. Contact us for more information about this.

  5. Kratomnesia does not accept complaints about any items which are not labeled "QUALITY ASSURANCE". For example: If the taste / effect / quality of the purchased product is not as it claimed to be, buyers have the ability to file a report against the vendor to Kratomnesia.

  6. Kratomnesia only allows the sale and purchase of goods that can be sent via delivery services (courier services) and has a tracking number that can be tracked

  7. Kratomnesia is not responsible if the damaged goods caused by a third party (courier services etc.)

  8. Kratomnesia has full authority to take action against the User's account if said user violates the rules that have been set by kratomnesia. Kratomnesia reserves the right to terminate user accounts without giving prior notice or information to the account owner.

  9. Kratomnesia reserves the right to request user's personal data if required.

The Terms of Use of Kratomnesia may change and/or being updated from time to time without prior notice. By accessing Kratomnesia, the User is deemed to have agreed to the changes in the Terms of Use of Kratomnesia.