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No Defective Goods are Sold 

We make sure that our products are made from pure kratom leaves that are ground into powder (we exclude the stems and twigs). Our farmers are well-educated and skilled to select only the best kratom leaves. 

We do not sell defective goods that contain additional ingredients or goods that are mixed with other plants. In another word, Kratomnesia.com only sells 100% pure and fresh kratom.

Slight changes in color and taste from the prior product that you purchased are due to the natural process (we do not add any type of preservatives). Such changes might occur due to some factors including extreme weather (long dry season or long rainy season, flood). The water moisture and amount of nutrients in the soil might be unstable, yet such a condition rarely occurs. There is no need to worry about the Protein and Magnesium contents in the kratom powder as such condition is natural and will not bring any significant impact. The nutritional contents in the kratom leaf powder remain excellent.