We still send small and large quantity kratom during the Corona pandemic. " We stay at work for you, You stay at home for your family ".


Quick Process

Kratomnesia.com believes that time is priceless that we should use it efficiently. Therefore, all transactions are made easy and fast as all tasks are immediately processed.

In general, our work procedure to proceed with your purchase is as follows:

 Team A = in charge of receiving your orders, issuing the invoice and forwarding your orders to other team.
 Team B = in charge or preparing your orders
 Team C = in charge of preparing the documents and certificates for legal export procedure.
 Team D = in charge of re-checking your orders, documents and certificates. 

 Team E = in charge of handling the packaging and delivery using EMS, DHL, UPS or Fedex

We ensure that those steps are done precisely and efficiently for your satisfaction. 

Quick Response

➢ We respond to all your questions immediately. 

➢ We provide fast, friendly, and well-managed service in responding to your questions via email. 

➢ We have developed the Ticket system = all questions and responses are well-recorded (More professional email communication).

➢ Any inquiry, doubts, and worries are immediately handled for your convenient shopping experience.