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Red Ginger Powder

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Premium Red Ginger Powder

Made pure from selected Red Ginger that is over nine months old, washed, thinly sliced then dried after freshly dried, so GINGER RED POWDER is 100% pure Red Ginger without any added ingredients. So this product is suitable for patients with diabetes.
Because 100% pure red ginger, the taste of the ginger really feels and of course all the benefits of red ginger will be obtained.

The spicy ginger flavor is obtained from the content of the active ingredient called gingerol and shagaol if only the ginger feels without being spicy, then it is only a ginger flavor that does not contain active ingredients in ginger.
The spicy taste is felt on the inside of the mouth and throat, not on the lips, the spicy taste on the lips causes the active ingredient to be labeled, namely capsaicin. From this brief explanation you can draw conclusions, what you drink is actually

Serving method :
1 teaspoon is brewed with 200 ML of water, for better efficacy you can add 1 tablespoon of pure honey.

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