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The Best Cocoa Powder from Indonesia with high Quality. Enjoy the best chocolate with low calorie

A perfect combination of cocoa extract with the best kratom powder to produce a delicious chocolate-flavored drink with a high-quality mitragynine alkaloid content.

This herbal recipe contains many benefits. With the best quality cocoa in Indonesia that has a strong and distinctive chocolate taste added to the mixture, it makes your usual Kratom taste less bitter.

Ningindo Chocolate Kratom is the right choice for you to enjoy the moment of serenity with the company of your friends or by yourself.

Various variants availableMade from 100% natural ingredientsEasy to serve as a hot or cold drink.

1 Packs Of Stimulazer Chocolate is 38 Sachets

Cocoa contains a number of good antioxidants that can fight harmful free radicals and help to slow the cell aging process.

Theobromine, found in cocoa along with caffeine has the ability to raise concentration level and alertness, while serotonin has the ability to "support" the nervous system in depression and emotional stress cases. It should also be noted that another component of cocoa, tyramine, is used for the preparation of antidepressant drugs.

All studies done on cocoa confirm that moderate consumption of dark chocolate may bring you great benefits because of the fact that dark chocolate contains epicatechin, flavonoids that give you a classic bitter taste, which has antioxidant properties.

How to serve (Hot)

-          Brewed with 250 ml of hot water, then stir gently. After that, NCK is ready to be served.

How to serve (Cold)

-          Brewed with 100 ml of hot water and stir gently until the NCK dissolves. Add ice up to 250 ml and NCK is ready to be served.

Notes: You may add more water according to your personal taste

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