We still send small and large quantity kratom during the Corona pandemic. " We stay at work for you, You stay at home for your family ".


I do not know what kratom is & how is it used?

You can learn more about it in our Kratom Guide section, or you can join Kratomnesia Community to learn more about Kratom products and their use.

How to sell my product in Kratomnesia.com?

☞ Check this out >> Vendor guide

Is it free?

☞ YES. There is no registration fee at all, and you can be one of our Kratom Vendors in your city/state.

What are you waiting for? Turn your self into a great and successful businessman by joining Kratomnesia.com today!!.

If I join Kratomnesia.com, will I be able to gain many customers?

☞ Of course, we always do our best to promote, advertise, and create SEO algorithmic systems that can attract customers to your site. We always innovate to make you a successful vendor who has many loyal customers.

Why should I join Kratomnesia.com?

☞ By joining Kratomnesia, you won’t need to worry about creating your own attractive and interactive website with great features that will help your customers purchase from you, you also won’t need to think about how to advertise, no longer need to pay for your own SEO services, no need to set up headquarters, and certainly won’t need to pay a lot of employees to help you sell your products. We take care of all of those for you.

What are the requirements to join Kratomnesia.com?

☞ Check this out >> How to open Kratom Online Store or if you still feel confused you can Contact Us 

I already have my own supplier, can I join in Kratomnesia?

☞ Yes. Basically, the raw material for any Kratom products is the same, which is kratom leaves that we get from Farmer / Supplier. What distinguishes between these products is how the leaves are processed by each manufacturer which resulting in different flavors and effects from each kratom powder.

All kratom products in Kratomnesia has passed our quality standard and we have tested all of our products in the lab. Does your Kratom already have lab results?

Contact us for more information about this.

Our Farmer / Supplier / Manufacturer have good quality kratom

☞ Quality alone is not enough to increase the selling power of your business. You need a partner who is ready to take care of ALL of your sales needs so you do not have to worry about your sales targets.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we always provide the best innovations to support the development of your business. After joining us, all you need to worry later is where are you going to spend your summer vacation at?

So, take your time to re-think whether you want your business to grow much more or everything is enough for you right now?

Are selling and buying in Kratomnesia safe?

☞ We always provide the best service to the seller/buyer. And we always make sure to keep all of our client’s privacy from any third party. We make sure your privacy/security is well maintained.