We still send small and large quantity kratom during the Corona pandemic. " We stay at work for you, You stay at home for your family ".

Vendor’s Guide

How to start your Online Business at Kratomnesia

Selling online at Kratomnesia is an easy and safe process. Kratomnesia will become one of the largest Indonesia online herbal markets in the world. We will send many visitors to your online store. Don’t wait any longer and join us as soon as possible.  For further information, you can Contact Us

Buying Items

☞ To be a family of Kratomnesia (Kratom Indonesia) prospective sellers must buy >> Wholesale Professional Package for 50 Kilos first. And after that, you can make a request to be a vendor in your account menu. We will help you to set up all your online store needs.

Selling Items

☞ You can sell your products/items and set your own price for each product that you sell. Use only the best photos of your products so that it will help you increase your sales potential. (If you can't do it, please contact the helpdesk/team support)

Prepare your Bitcoin

☞ You need to have a bank account for your main transaction purposes, and you need to make sure that your email account is active and connected to your phone all the time. (Notifications from us are mostly sent by email)

Packing and Sending Purchased Items

☞ After your buyer has purchased and fully paid your items, you need to quickly send the purchased items to the buyer’s address by using a good courier service available or similar services.

☞ You have to make sure that the package that you are going to send contains exactly what your buyer ordered and everything fit the descriptions. All customers complaints will be your responsibility and make sure you have provided a special email to receive customer complaints.

☞ Kratomnesia.com only provide an online system for your stalls.

Be an honest seller so that everything goes well

Selling in Kratomnesia is Easy, Safe and Profitable!

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