We still send small and large quantity kratom during the Corona pandemic. " We stay at work for you, You stay at home for your family ".

Why should be the Agent of Kratomnesia?

To fulfill the massive demand for Kratom in all over the world, we invite you to be the part of Kratomnesia family. Be the part of us and grab your benefits:

1. Guarantee to get only high-quality and hygienic Kratom. Our Kratom has been clinically tested in some laboratories. You will also receive the results of the laboratory tests to ensure that your consumers get the best product.

2. Attractive and professional product packaging. The structure of our product packaging has been specially designed to give optimal protection. The packaging gives you more advantages:

☛ Longer product expiry (6 – 12 months)*

☛ More attractive packaging

☛ Optimal protection to maintain the consistency and aroma of the product

☛ Preventing the product from discoloration

☛ More practical and economical

3. Professional website. Join Kratomnesia and get your own professionally-optimized online store. Our IT team applied an algorithm that puts your store at high ranks on a various search engine such as google, yahoo, bing, msn, etc. You do not have to desperately find your customers because your customers will find you, just like how you find this article.

4. Cheaper and faster shipping is always preferred. By joining Kratomnesia, your customers can find Kratom sellers closer to them. Purchasing 1-2 kilograms of Kratom from overseas takes longer shipping time. Get special price for Kratomnesia agents in every purchase from Kratomnesia. The price you get is the lowest price for Kratom sellers.

5. Secured transaction. Customers expect excellent security and fraud-free shopping experience. Kratomnesia is the best online platform that provides you with everything you need for a better shopping experience. Your money will be transferred to the official account of Kratomnesia and it will only be transferred to the seller when your products have been delivered.

☛ Benefits for sellers: Customers will get better shopping experience as the store guarantee the transaction security.

☛ Benefits for customers: Money back guarantee if your orders are not delivered.

Interested in being the part of us? Read the page of  ⇒ How to Sell Kratom for detailed information.